Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The Hands

I showed The German this photo and he said, "Oh, finger-hells!" which made me giggle. My daughter didn't believe that I could grow really long nails, so I decided to prove it to her. She's in Texas right now and I uploaded this photo to show her that the experiment is still going strong. I must say, it does make typing a heck of a lot more difficult. Thank goodness that there hasn't been an abundance of "x" and "z" words in anything I've had to type lately. I'll be kind of relieved when they break, so she'll let me out of this deal.

In this one, we were both wearing our fancy rings. She has on the pink rhinestones and I have the heart-shaped ring that she got me around Mother's Day last year. It's my favorite ring. We took this photo right before she left for summer vacation when we promised to wear our rings whenever we missed each other, so that we wouldn't feel sad.

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Steven said...

Wow. I only wish I had normal nails - I have a very bad habit habit of biting them when i'm not looking!