Thursday, December 07, 2006

My Cousin's New Baby

VanGoghGirl, PetiteSouris, Mommy and baby
Mommy and baby after a nice, sleep-inducing breastfeeding session

The new mommy by herself. I have never before seen her without any make-up on her face. Isn't she beautiful?
PetitSouris holding her little sister for the first time

Of course, VanGoghGirl had to hold her too.

The daddy with his two gorgeous daughters

Everyone posing with the new baby. The German was taking the picture for us.

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Mother Laura said...

Congratulations! What a gorgeous happy family.

The picture of the lttle girl holding the new baby reminds me of ours of the first time my son held his little sister....very precious because our first daughter never lived long enough to hold him.